sustaining your practice

Assignment one: Tutor report

I had my first tutorial and report from Gina, my tutor for SYP. It was a very positive discussion on the presentation and variety of feedback I requested from my network in producing A1. Overall this was a very satisfying conclusion to the first part of SYP and a sense of closure as I have spent much of the summer months consolidating work. Operating a a much slower pace than previously is still a learning curve for me and part of my need to manage my own expectations.

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Assignment one: Reflection

My initial engagement with SYP has been a non-linear process. Due to personal circumstances, which included moving to another country, I stockpiled work for A1 while I was in Liverpool, knowing there would be a lack of opportunity once I moved to KL to engage directly with people. Although I still have access to a network of peers and professionals to connect with back in the UK, I specifically wanted to meet someone new (Sarah Fisher) so I could propose my work without any previous knowledge of my practice. I also wanted to engage in direct talks rather than via email so I found my approach to be proactive, even if I wasn’t fully prepared in my presentation.

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