assignment one

Assignment one: Tutor report

I received my feedback for A1 Shadow and Surface from Robert. I have been reluctant to move too far ahead with my ideas for BoW in order to acknowledge the input.

This assignment was executed only with my smartphone, although I have been carrying out further experiments with my camera in the domestic space. The feedback for the use of the smartphone has been very positive from Robert as in my previous module and his encouragement of the risk element in my work was nice to read. It seems to tap into the impulsiveness of street photography without creating a story. Robert expressed a little concern about me being more interested in form over content, and not to dismiss content but to find a balance. Perhaps I should clarify here a little, it is more that I am not interested in narrative and that abstraction is the direction I am pursuing.

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Reflection: Shadow and Surface

Following the introduction with my tutor for BoW, Robert, I felt compelled to reflect on how my interest in Korean photography can coincide with the progress made during my last module Documentary 2. Robert challenged me to reconsider the influence the course may have had on my practice. The regular theme in my work during Documentary 2 was the physicality and self-reflection of lived experience. By extension Robert suggested to spend time looking into phenomenology.

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