Assignment five: Tutor report

Following the prompt return of my tutor report for A5 and the conclusion of BoW I feel a slight sadness that things have come to a close. Although of course there is much to look forward to and keep me busy, letting go and knowing when to finish is part of project culture, something I am familiar with in my nomadic professional life. Still it is nice to look back on a project and process with some fondness. As Robert says “art is a process” that is “never complete”. Very true, creative practice is cyclical and offers a continual return to a world that is strange and familiar.

One small clarification on my part which is in my evaluation. I refer to my East Asian landscape work, saying that Robert didn’t see it as valid. My meaning is that I agree from the tutor report in A4 that the work carries much more theoretical depth than my fusing of Western abstract composition with the East Asian term of the void. Where I suggest a validity I would say it supports my belief in having a rounded practice and that my non-OCA work is a pleasure in crafting the image space. A small rewrite is required in this part before submitting for assessment.

Apart from that it was very satisfying to read such a nice comment on the presentation and outcome of my work and learning log. And that Robert concurs with my own reflection that my writing has improved also leaves a sense of progression and closure.

And so as is the way with these things, one door closes but another opens as I continue on with my publication proposal for SYP. In all of my modules I have been lucky to have tutors that have supported my intentions, by enriching my interests with sound academic research and/or a mutual interest in the subject of enquiry. In addition for BoW I thank Robert for his (sometimes beyond allotted) time and support during the last twelve months, and for being as open as he has encouraged me to be.