Reflection: The mini-residency and vernissage option

Since wrapping-up BoW I have had an offer on the table from Hauss Space in Malmö to take over a creative space with my shadowgram concept. This came about when sharing my portfolio with my feedback networks during part one of SYP. As time passed I have also taken a broad view and explored various alternative formats to resolving my final publication, such as a self-imposed residency and writing a new dissertation. I took a divergent approach, primarily to take into account the current limitations in my home life (although this will significantly change in the new year), and also the tutor and peer feedback I have received on my writing for CS.


However, now the various ideas need to converge and I should decide if I want to formally commit to the offer, or risk losing the opportunity. The most important thing I want in my SYP is that I have a timeline that is finite, with a deadline, and the knowledge that my publication can be resolved. With Hauss Space I have a clear deadline of April 2020 and appropriate outlet for my publication. My recent revisit of The New Curator also reminded me that I can be innovative within a familiar format of residency/exhibition space. From here I can refresh my perspective and enquiry with creative ways to make the opportunity more engaging, for me as an artist, and also for an audience. The areas of publication that interest me the least, such as social media and advertising are also minimised as Hauss Space will be responsible for the event and promotion. 


My tutor Gina posed a really good point regarding the writing of an additional paper, asking “what is your motivation for writing a new piece of text and who would you be writing it for?” She proposed some options which are intriguing, some of which, such as an MA, I may be interested in pursuing in the future. But upon reflection, what I want from my final publication is a tangible end point and I would like to see the assessment outcome of this course before assuming another.


Unlike a self-imposed residency within the restrictions of parenthood, I believe I need something to look forward to with preparation and purpose. Having spent much time in a domestic space with writing being my primary outlet, I will be ready for a fresh environment and some practical work to engage with. I also don’t wish for my practice to be defined by the personal.

So coming back to Hauss Space, I find the role of being an art director and collaborator much more motivating as a proactive approach, compared with cold-calling for a big break. It would be my responsibility to manage a budget independently and collaborate in agreeing a set of deliverables for the occupancy. And yet there may be room to incorporate some writing in another way. For instance it may be that I write an accompanying paper as part of this residency, or deliver a talk that needs to be prepared. All of which can utilise a set of practical skills with the role as an artist.

A quote from Richard Serra continually energises me in how I approach my practice. He says “…I think work comes out of work.” (Charlie Rose, 2011). I also believe that opportunities arise out of a natural engagement in the world as opposed to forcing the issue, or communicating in a way that is not stimulating to oneself. Serra continues saying “I think the anticipation of the next work comes from the last work. I don't think there are any big quantum leaps. I don't think it happens that way. You don't sit around waiting for aspiration.” (Charlie Rose, 2011). Therefore I prefer to do what I enjoy off my own initiative and see what opportunities present themselves, rather than to be in need of something or someone before anything can happen.


Charlie Rose [television programme online] Pres. Rose. PBS USA (2011) 24 mins At: (Accessed on 29.09.19)