Assignment one: Tutor report

I had my first tutorial and report from Gina, my tutor for SYP. It was a very positive discussion on the presentation and variety of feedback I requested from my network in producing A1. Overall this was a very satisfying conclusion to the first part of SYP and a sense of closure as I have spent much of the summer months consolidating work. Operating a a much slower pace than previously is still a learning curve for me and part of my need to manage my own expectations.

One other big positive I took was the follow-up feedback on my text from Sarah Fisher, director of Open Eye Gallery, who I asked for the assignment feedback. The non-linear nature of my way of working during the last few months also meant that certain critiques were later resolved in the course. For example in BoW part four, there is an exercise in which Miranda Gavin echos many of Sarah’s comments on the overuse of academic text quotes in artist statements. It is above all a good self-reflection point to come out of all the research and remember why I was working on my concept.

Gina and I discussed the use of my project in the arts and culture sector. I found her recommendation An Artist Residency in Motherhood to be an interesting way to embrace my current home situation and continue my practice. The creator Lenka Clayton came up with the concept when exploring residencies, only to discover that having a family is problematic, not only in terms of logistics of being away from family, but also the lack of opportunity for family to come along. So turning an obstacle into an opportunity, working in a project mentality from home can give the same sense of structure.

I find this possibility the most engaging way forward, although I have a sense of disappointment I am not as nomadic as I have always been in the past to maximise the immediate potential of my work, it is a way forward that makes being an artist in residence more than just networking and career building. It can also be about scheduled play, much like the routines that are built for a baby and ultimately another way of sustaining my practice.

I’ll be exploring the best way to arrange this, along with ways to create, produce and document that works well as a final publication during part two.