Assignment four: Reflection

After concluding my theorisation in A3, I set about using A4 to bring this concept into the public space. This is not only an evolution of formations as a strategy, but also a return to A1, where I presented my notational impulses of photographing shadow patterns which I regard as a form of ephemeral street art. Even now I continue to make notations whenever inspired. Together with my approach to framing shadow patterns within a standardised form of A4 paper before returning a 1:1 scale rendering to its place of creation; a way of seeing has evolved both for interior and exterior spaces which is interconnected in its various forms.

While the overall development of BoW may present itself as having the foresight to know where it always intended to go, this is not strictly the case. The ideas have depended on feedback, including critique and at times my own defence. It is a natural process in creativity.

Looking at the interventions themselves, I am drawn more retrospectively to the most distinctly graphic shadow patterns. Part of this process has been to apply the technique to different subjects to see which gains the more clarity in expression. Whatever direction I conclude for A5, further work is required to realise enough case studies of any/all iterations of the shadowgram idea.

I’m slightly conflicted how I feel about the work at this stage. I have had a huge upheaval in my personal circumstances so I have not felt any rhythm to my studies since the start of this year. Fatherhood and relocating to Malaysia have taken their toll and the natural flow I had before then in my research and practical is not currently present. It is something I had the foresight to recognise when I started L3 that my parameters may impact on the type of work I would create, and one reason I developed the ideas in BoW in a domestic space. Yet I’m hugely satisfied with how some of the interventions have turned out, it remains more of a concern when I can continue to make more of them.

One of the benefits of my limited mobility is that I have continued to read and research. I would say that the various theories and articles I have found and been introduced to by my tutor have contextually enhanced the depth to a work which is ultimately a simple idea.

Coming to the end of this assignment and approaching the final conclusions for BoW and CS, I can see light at the end of the tunnel.