Assignment three: Tutor report

As I mentioned in my reflection, I am very satisfied with how the critical thinking has developed in A3, especially after some of the convoluting of theory in A2. So not only am I pleased to see this rewarded in my tutor report, but also the encouragement to continue to read and take risks in my work. Overall the report was very positive and through my tutorial and follow-up emails with Robert, I was able to find a good balance of theory without causing a referential overload. My thinking has been quite deep for what looks a simple abstraction process, but I think the continued sharing with my tutor and study group peers has helped me to distill this into something much more concise.

I also think I have a good dialogue in bringing some non-photography influences to the table, and in turn my tutor is able to bring another research point back to me which enriches the discussion. For instance I presented Lee Ufan and in return Robert suggested a good counterpoint with Agnes Martin. The research into Nicolas Bourriaud also added a contemporary relevance to my ideas. With reading I don’t always utilise it in a linear way to when it is received. For instance Bourriaud was suggested after A1. And prior to A3 I had some additional text by Miwoon Kwon on site-specificity that I can utilise for Part 3. In my report I have a couple more essays to pick up on. But it is very helpful to get precise suggestions beyond some of the generic text of Barthes, Sontag, et al. Especially in that regard I have really supportive tutors both for BoW and CS who have a good knowledge/interest in the places I am going in my studies.

Robert made a good point that rejecting the representational image is perhaps more difficult in a lens based medium and initially I agree. But I would also say this is the challenge I enjoy by bringing non-photographic influences into my development. I find it more engaging to see what aspects of other mediums can successfully translate into photography in the areas I am exploring.

Having also cleaned up the navigation of my LL and clarified my direction in BoW, I feel a strong sense of conclusion to this stage of L3 and look forward to the break ahead of returning to it in the New Year.