Assignment three: Reflection

The process of A3 has been an interesting development in my BoW. From my initial progression past A2 I was confronted with the great doubt, initially feeling the need to defend my work, or more specifically, the purpose of it. I acknowledged that the personal meditation was not substantial enough as a point of entry and the use of video didn’t quite work. However I remained steadfast in the basic idea, I just needed to more succinctly express what I am doing and why. And so a period of reading and research helped me to articulate the areas of documentation, process, representation and site-specificity.

I can say in the context of a personal reflection that I still find the exercise meditative, although for me the subsequent success of A3 is the development of critical thinking.

It is worth noting that my regular study group and tutorials, while at times challenging for me personally in trying to get a message across, were the way these ideas moved forward. Because while critical, it was constructive feedback which I could later use to engage myself in answering the questions posed. My tutor also helped me with certain reading, particularly recalling Nicolas Bourriaud which was initially suggested after A1. I was aided in this reflection by being in a critical mindset writing my literature review. My research into Lee Ufan has also been helpful in bridging CS and BoW, being an example of merging ideas of East and West. David Campany’s discussion on space and Ma was also particularly useful in bringing a contemporary relevance to the references of Mondrian, Kepes etc.

For the purpose of this assignment I carried out a new formation for the demonstration after several experiments in my domestic (studio) space. I do concede that the shadowgram or the ‘image space’ in the assignment are not as dynamic as some of my earlier work and the formation is deliberately simple for the purpose of demonstration. I believe the supporting work shown in my LL are more visually arresting, however, I didn’t methodically document the process and possibilities. The documentation of process is more important than abstract aesthetics and I accept won’t always have control over printing etc compared to working from home.

I do feel a sense of relief that this part is over. I have been largely contained in one space for nearly two months, engrossed in a concentrated period of research and reading together with CS and some interior ‘laboratory’ experiments. Conceptual photography cannot solely be theorised it still needs to be practiced in order to evolve. Although I accept that a certain amount of questions needed addressing in the process. And so this assignment and the previous one have been a good consolidation point. I can now look forward to taking the visual strategy outside again and reengaging with an element of risk.