Reflection: Chance encounters

As my ability to work in my learning log has been a little out of sync recently, I would say that my opportunistic encounters came from the reflections I made before submitting A2 but after the work itself was created.

So for me the compulsions I had were the comparison tests I made with Showtimes and Projections. The learnings I was taking from these tests was to visually reflect on shadows as representations. I see this understanding of time and memory is an interaction between the street (the location of my notations) and the studio (where I had experimented for A2). In some ways I see this play with shadows as the education of the viewer in Plato’s Cave.

Also, while in Toronto the Study of Air and Water was perhaps an opportunity to purge that self-indulgence to Sugimoto’s work. But in some cases like this I see concepts as educational tasks rather than imitations of others. Conceptual work is after all lead by decisions of self-containment and so placing those restrictions upon myself gives me an insight into the purpose it can serve.

These self-imposed limitations and ritual in time and place were a self-assessment that doesn’t result in a new direction but more as consolidated learning. They were also a suggestion on how I may want to work digitally in presentation. In A2 I experimented with slideshows and moving image formats to introduce the element of time. My recent exhibition visits also consider that. And having small tasks such as these, where format is more the goal of exploration helps.

Like Sophie Calle I have used personal experience in much of my previous module. So although I don’t like her opportunism of others to suit her own ends, I do relate to the insight that lived experience brings to developing a body of work.