art, photography

korea and japan

writing from underneath a blizzard in central hokkaido, japan. having successfully completed the exhibition in seoul, the next goal has been to develop the sketches of series, building on the korea portfolio and establishing a japan collection.

the trilogy of china, korea and japan take in the variations of landscape, seasons and philosophy to be mused over both individually and collectively.

this represents the completion of three years of conceptualising, researching, travelling and presenting a body of work. while i will continue to add to each series over time, once this trip is completed it will be a time to reflect on how the work has progressed and what is next.

in between walking through the snow storms and winter gales of seoraksan, juwangsan and hokkaido, the days have varied from an audience with a zen monk, stumbling upon herbie yamaguchi's new exhibition opening, to business meetings and photo essays in seoul and tokyo.

one things for sure its been busy.