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exhibition: trunk gallery, seoul

“space, as my work evolved, really became my subject.” richard serra (1939-).

liverpool based award winning photographer bryn davies has announced a new exhibition at trunk gallery in seoul, korea.

“the body of work i’ve produced aims to juxtapose the masculine, western form language with the feminine, eastern meditation on the landscape.” says bryn.

asian landscape, is the accumulation of three years reflection on the almost mythical landscapes of china and korea. bryn’s polar interests of traditional brush and ink paintings and germanic abstract art are fused in the resulting works . bryn adds, “comparing the styles of bauhaus and de stijl with shan shui (mountain, water paintings) and asian philosophies, there is a common appreciation of space, emptiness and polarity. this i wished to explore further, taking a western trained eye to the ancient practice of the asian landscape”.

trunk gallery’s director park youngsook is excited to share bryn’s images to a korean audience: “bryn’s fascination with the asian landscape respects the centuries old traditions of the medium. modern korean artists have pursued western art movements, therefore it is interesting to share bryn’s graphical take on our landscape and provide a new perspective, one that searches for geometrical ways to explain the deeper meanings and make it more accessible to a western eye.”  


the exhibition runs from february 5th - march 3rd 2015. you can download a copy of the exhibition brochure here.


for more information please contact

trunk gallery:

address: 128-3 sogyeok-dong, jongno-gu, seoul 110-200, south korea

phone: +82 2-3210-1233

email: trunkgallery@naver.com

website: www.trunkgallery.com


bryn davies:

phone: +44 7742 089800

email: bryn@indigenousimages.com

website: www.indigenousimages.com 


you can download a copy of the press release here.