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now that the commercial side of the trip is complete, i have taken myself across country to one of the many wonders of china's lands, zhangjiajie.

amongst the hustle and bustle of chinas tourism is a true feast for any photographer. indeed any artist. during these days i have found it hard to take the "typical" photograph. the atmosphere doesn't lend itself to classic landscape images. record shots tend to miss the magic, the mystery of this land. maybe the literal sometimes is not good enough. this is not to say that the image above is not acceptable, but spending time in this landscape has increased my understanding on why the traditional artists painted the land the way they did, how the elemental transitions interact with the myriad of shapes. this is a different study to the western worlds approach of looking for the decisive moment being a milestone, this is a study into an accumulation of moments, contemplating the bigger picture. proving the biggest image doesn't tell the whole story.

a new body of work called sketches of china is an accumulation of moments of these days that assess the theory that sometimes less is more.