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sketches of shengsi islands

this is my first post from china, so many incredible moments combined with technical challenges. a camera that has lost auto focus, an nd filter that has a prism stripe running through the capture and 33 mosquito bites on my feet. yet i am in high spirits and why not when you come back from a place of incredible food, and wondrous scenes.

a weekend on the amazing shengsi islands, a myriad of rocks at the mouth of the yangtze river. when we could drag ourselves away from the dining table i was able to stroll down to the rocks on the shore and shoot a few frames.

the images although edited had the pre visualisation of being a sketch. long exposures reducing detail in unwanted areas, focusing on the intricate details of the rocks, the outlines of distant islands and the texture of the tones. leaving vast empty spaces they sometimes give the impression of unfinished, but like an artists sketch i wanted to appreciate where it was relevant to see detail. each image has the impression of a graphite drawing and i look forward to making a print and complete to cycle.