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exhibition: beyond another place

beyond another place is a landscape photography project exploring the beauty and industry of the mouth of the mersey up and down the sefton coastline. the exhibition, curated by artla, will be hosted at the clove hitch gallery

the series studies the sefton coast line with an ode to western art history across the landscape. beyond another place focuses on natural cycles, light and texture to capture the essence of the land without the iconography.

with so much iconography about the city I wanted to create a series that represents the essence of liverpool and merseyside. it was amazing revisiting places i haven’t been to since i was a child with fresh and (hopefully) more mature eyes. this exhibition gives me a chance to reconnect with the area. sharing a fresh perspective from my experiences and travels while maintaining a child like enjoyment for my roots
— bryn davies, february 2013

the exhibition runs from 28th february - 14th march.

the press release can be downloaded here.