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food of life

yesterday saw the opening of our food of life project in a group exhibition as part of the 2020 decade of health and wellbeing at st george's hall in liverpool. the event was curated excellently by as creatives.

for the last four months we have been working together with dot-art on a community art project along with three elders groups across the city, the african elders association, merseyside dance initiative and the pagoda chinese community centre.

the project engaged people in the local community; both those who have settled in liverpool, and those born and bred here, sharing and archiving their knowledge for future generations, and improving the health and wellbeing of all involved.

i spent several months working and travelling in china where my camera was repeatedly drawn to the activeness and participation of the elderly community. my curiosity grew as i worked with more and more people; there was always an answer related to health: “drink this it is good for stomach”, “this cleans the blood”. it seemed second nature to know the properties of food. on returning i shared the images and experiences with the pagoda chinese community centre and questioned whether these traditions continue for those now settled in liverpool and bbc (british born chinese). i discovered that due to the change in lifestyle it is now a more private affair and bbc’s are becoming more accustomed to western culture than that of their ancestors.
— bryn davies. october 2012

“reviving traditions, revitalising health” began with a series of brainstorming sessions, open to anyone with a story, skill or remedy to share, which took place at the three community groups. a selection of willing volunteers were asked to share and/or demonstrate their knowledge on camera at a special filming day in january. the footage was used to produce a series of short films, which together will form an online archive of traditional skills, knowledge and expertise. finally a website was launched and a series of sharing events, at which the films produced were screened for participants, friends and families.

thanks once again everyone that took part in the project and hope that the films inspire a healthy respect for food and its endless possibilities in our daily life.