photography, training

training at the bluecoat, b&w photography

on sunday 3rd november i conducted my first black and white photography course. arranged through dot-art and given at the bluecoat, one of liverpools most prestigious art galleries.

the focus is very much on intent, not only intent of your vision, but also where you see the work going. great photography does not depend on the tool first. it depends on the eye and making sense of what you want to see. it was a fantastic day, all participants were constructive and complimentary, producing some fascinating work along the way.

we will be giving the course again in the new year. more details on dates can be found here.

the day was really comprehensive and there was a lot to fit in, i think the timing was excellent.
— nicola
me and kit learnt so much and felt very inspired! we went photographing til dark, really made me think differently about it. all subjective, all art, do the point is intention.
— lotte
many thanks bryn.

i hope there will be more programs to keep learning.
— carolina
the day was very valuable to myself and students. i am definitely interested in something like this again next year.
— stephanie
many thanks for the excellent course on sunday last. i really enjoyed it and would certainly be interested in a level two course.
— christine