my consultancy service specifically covers design in which my primary client is the ikea group. as a lead visual merchandiser i have the experience to build, plan, project lead and train in different markets all over the world.

  • build up  - either in assisting the retail fit out of a project or to install planned drawings.
  • planning - i have developed the global art direction for retail space in sweden, sales support areas direction in the netherlands and produced drawings for expansion projects across the world for over 10 years.
  • project leading - from the work brief, planning or build up phase. i have experience of leading groups of up to 50 designers though projects.
  • training - able to facilitate formal or on the job trainings and workshops to individuals, groups of professionals and volunteers. i have conducted trainings and presentations in bilingual situations, to national and global management groups covering subjects such as merchandising, product display, long term planning, from commercial calendars to commercial lighting.

for a more detailed list of projects i have worked on you can view my profile on linked in.

for more details on availability and rates please contact via email.


creative, flexible, detailed, think out-of-the-box, fun, positive attitude and caring. it is such a great experience to work with bryn.
— cs tan, ikea korea expansion leader